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Hi, everybody!

Thank you very much for visiting this site! Nice to see you here!
My name is Microft and I've created this site, because of I like Claire Forlani. This is strange, isn't it? :-)

But I have to admit, that I don't like her as those guys that after watching her on the screen for the first time immediately go surfing the Internet seeking naked pics of Claire. Findning a few photos they get truely disappointed... and suddenly come upon this site.
Sure at first, as they got used to, they go to Pictures section. And only after that - they get to other sections. I have nothing to offer to that people.
They will say: "Pity!", but I have to disappoint them. I've created this site, 'cause I really like miss Claire. I like her as a talented actress, as an amazing woman, as a smart person.
Seems she's irreproachable, very beautiful, attractive and gifted even playing minor roles. I think so. And it's wonderful that everything has just started for her.
By the way I found out about Claire by accident. A few years ago, I was looking for any new films, as usually. At that time I used to buy tons of them and it was really difficult to find somehing new. A friend of mine adviced me to buy "Meet Joe Black". At first I was't about to buy it, but after looking at the cover and reading the cast (Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt and Claire Forlani) I decided that it could be a good film. And I had no idea about the third name. :-)
But as everything in our life, a cassete that I suddenly bought helped me to find out something new and unknown in my previous life. I've watched some more films with her and decided that I want to do something that would give me a chance to express my feelings to that girl.

How could I participate in life of this perfect woman? To create a site of course! Besides, in the Russian part of Internet still doesn't exist more or less full site that would be dedicated to Claire's life. Hope to fill up this gap.
I will be happy if someone besides me and my friends will find the information on this site usefull or just interesting. You are always welcome! And I will try to update the News section as often as it's possible!

With the best wishes, Microft


Special thanks to Natalia Gushchina who helps me to translate the information of few pages on this site, and tests it and consults me, gives me support in all the things I do, my undertakings and much more.