The only thing, what I can tell about myself enough definitely?
I'll never be determined enough...
Claire Forlani (from interview to magazine Esquire, July, 2000)


Claire Forlani was born July, 1, 1972 in London. Her mother was the English, father - The Italian. At the moment of her birth he worked as the manager in show business. From the childhood Claire dreamed to become an actress and knew, that she has abilities.
In 11 years parents have given her to the London's Arts Educational School where she studied actor's skill and studied in dances within six years. For this time she has had time to act in several theatrical stages. Most
appreciable of them were ballet The Nutcracker Ballet and Orpheus in the Underworld. In 1991 Claire debuted on the English TV. It were two short appearances in a serial Press Gang and performance in program Shrinks.
For the first role at cinema Claire Forlani was to go to the Croatian city of Zagreb where she acted in film Gipsy Eyes during 11 weeks. It was in 1992. In the American hire film has gone under the name C.I.A. Trackdown. By then Claire it was 20 years old.
The next year, in 1993, she and her parents moved to California. In San Francisco Claire understood, that career of an actress attracted her more, than everything else and she left college with quiet heart. Year later she acted in a small role in a mini-serial of company ABC about John Kennedy: JFK: Reckless Youth. There she's played the girl dancing with young Kennedy.

In the same 1993 she's played a small role film The Gift together with Isabella Rosselini and Laura Dern. A young talented actress noticed in Hollywood and to the next year she was invited to The Big Cinema. Claire appeared on the shooting stage of film Police Academy 7: Mission in Moscow.

Kevin Smith, the script writer and the director of original and freakish film Mallrats has spent a lot of time for selection of an actress of the second plan. He's overlooked more than 600 challenges and was terribly disappointed by that none suited on a role. The situation threatened to become desperate, but having seen Claire, Mr. Smith was literally overwhelmed by her charm and naivety which later he's named "an embodiment of not becoming independent American youth". Only after a while he's noticed her accent and has found out that she the English. Claire was immediately taken on a role. And Mallrats has played the role, having given her good base for the further in cinematography.

In 1996 Claire's acted in big blockbaster The Rock. Film has passed with great success, and since this year spectators started to recognize her. Then Claire acted in Basquiat where she played the nice waitress with whom painter Jean-Michel Baskit fell in love. The third film in which she acted that year was a short picture Garage Sale, taken off by the independent studio. In this film Claire played the girl constantly suspecting in faithlessnesses of boyfriend.
When she was 25 her mother's died. This event Claire Forlani has gone through very hardly. In 1997 she acted in half-biographical picture The Last Time I Committed Suicide. In it she played the extraordinary girlfriend of the poet Nil Kassady. By then the actress already had some experience of dialogue with producers, she precisely knew that she wanted and liked. At the beginning of 1998 she's broken off the contract and there left film Deep Rising because of quarrel with producer Stephen Sommerse. Therefore the film failed and did not become known.

The next year for the future star began with the occurrence of her portrait on the cover of magazine Vanity Fair among dozen other rising stars. Claire's actor's talent was shown all more brightly with each film, but any of the previous films has not brought her the same glory as the film removed in 1998 Meet Joe Black. Once and for ever Claire Forlani becomes the Hollywood star. Together with "stars of the first size" Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins she`s shown the excellent actor's talents. She played the young girl from the rich family, casually fallen in love in Death (Brad Pitt). Film has caused ambiguous reaction in press, but its popularity at public has eclipsed cautious and negative responses. To argue with turns to the booking-offices and empty counters of video boutiques is silly.

In the same year Claire played in film Basil which was shown on several film festivals, then TV-channel Romantic Classic has shown it. Later, after some doubts, film was issued on video.

In 1999 madam Forlani played in comedy Mystery Men. It is the film about several outcast superheroes trying as usually, to rescue the universe. After that Claire together with Rob Morrow played in a romantic drama Into My Heart, or as it`s gone in the Russian hire, Elements. The last in 1999 for Claire was film Magicias with Alan Arkin. In 2000 her film-career proceeded in Antitrust and in low-budgeted picture about vampires Johnny Domino. Now she`s finished to be acted in film Boys And Girls with participating of Freddie Prince, Jr., Jason Biggs, Alison Hannigan and Heather Donahue.
 Claire hates Hollywood and despises the Hollywood society for its weakness for sensations and gossips. She does not use the Internet. Once in interview to reporter of one media source she told: "I'm not a club person. I'm not a bar person. I'm not a socialite." The most part of free time Claire spends for walks. She is engaged in running, sports walking, riding. She likes to read very much and studies to play on a guitar. Till now she is single, that certainly gives many occasions for rumors. And though the Hollywood press attributes to her love affairs with John Kusack, Brad Pitt, Ben Stiller and with thousand other people, actors Claire with an enviable constancy and anger sweeps aside similar conjectures. Life of an actress is simple and uncommon, though constantly growing popularity starts more and more and to interfere to its simple course.

Anyway, Claire Forlani has enough opportunities and desire, enough will and purposefulness till today to remain free and independent from anyone, to conduct that way of life which is pleasant to her and which conducts her to achievement of her objects. She is tremendous beautiful girl, talented actress and surprisingly kind and good person! Let's hope, that her life will be filled only with good.